We produce vibrations,
so they better be good.

Feel the music

We come from a family of music lovers, where we learned to appreciate the power of music to connect people and evoke emotions. But we also realized that everything in life is about frequencies and vibrations. That’s why we founded our company with the motto: “We produce vibrations, so they better be good.”

Our mission is to create immersive experiences that combine sound and visual beauty, leaving a lasting impact and fostering connections. We believe in the power of good vibrations to inspire greatness and positive change in the world. Our speakers and visual design are integral to that experience.

Join our community of music lovers, visual designers, and speaker tech enthusiasts who share our passion for good vibrations. Let’s create something truly special together and change the world, one frequency at a time.

Let’s get on the same frequency.

It's all about that bass base.​

Bass is crucial for music as it provides the foundation for rhythm and harmony, and is often described as the “heartbeat” of a song. There are three layers of bass in music: low-frequency bassline, mid-range bass, and high-range bass. 

These layers work together to create a complex and dynamic sound that sets the pace, adds depth and complexity, and creates a sense of energy and momentum in the music. Bass is an essential but often overlooked element of music that is needed to create a full and rich sound

Let’s kick it.

Midbass is a vital component of the bass spectrum, contributing to the richness and warmth of music. It encompasses frequencies between 80Hz to 300Hz and establishes a song’s rhythm and groove.

let’s get high on music

We like to get high with music.

Mid and high frequencies are crucial for achieving a balanced and dynamic sound in music. Mid frequencies, which typically range from 300Hz to 5kHz, are essential for providing warmth and complexity, while high frequencies, ranging from 5kHz to 20kHz, add sparkle and definition to the overall sound.

Where do you stand out?

Setting the Bar

The Club Vibes

Listen and dine

Musical magician

From one man band to full show

Over the years, we’ve embarked on several groundbreaking sound engineering projects, including designing home-studios for famous DJs like Tiësto and Nicky Romero, the legendary La Rocca club in Antwerp, and various venues ranging from small bars to large festivals. Today, we’re excited to make our extensive experience and knowledge accessible to anyone who shares our passion for music.

Let’s meet up
and vibe together.

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